virtual debug switches

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virtual debug switches

Unread postby chhym » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:43 am

Just used the debug switch option ( debug 0x10d) on a C-Brick via the L1 serial port to get past a problem.

However does anyone know what the other combinations are as I would like to put the C-Brick in factory/deep diagnostic mode.

Do they relate to the Onyx2 debug switches or is that just hoping too much.

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Re: virtual debug switches

Unread postby recondas » Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:56 pm

If you haven't already BTDT, you might start with the "Virtual Debug Switch Settings: section of man prom. Here's the cut to the chase part:

Code: Select all

Virtual Debug Switch Settings
     PROM boot behavior can be altered by changing the value of the virtual
     debug switch.  The value of the virtual debug switch can be displayed or
     altered from either the system controller or from POD mode with the dbg
     POD command.  The values in the following list of virtual debug switch
     settings are hexidecimal numbers.  These values can be OR-ed together to
     set multiple options.

     Diagnostic Testing Level
     0    Normal testing.
     1    No testing.
     2    Heavy testing.
     3    Manufacturing-level testing.

     Diagnostic Output Level
     4    Verbose.  Information level is set to verbose.

If you're interested, from there you could work your way into the "POD Commands" and "Undocumented (POD Commands)" articles in the nekowiki.

If that piques your interest (and you haven't already been inside the POD), the pod command "help" isn't a bad place to start. To ensure the system will still boot the power on diagnostics routine sometimes disables hardware with otherwise non-fatal errors. Clearing stale error entries from the POD log can be another useful way of getting past problems.
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