Origin 350 No L1 or Console

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Origin 350 No L1 or Console

Unread postby philb » Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:00 am

I have two Origin 350s, I want to test them both and have tried connected to the console port, to access the L1 controller and the console. I am using the same configuration as I use for the Origin 300, linux computer running minicom at 38400 8N1.

When I connect the power I see the following messages:
ERROR: Error deselecting the NODE DIMM 0-3 I2C multiplexer, no acknowledge
ERROR: Error deselecting the NODE DIMM 4-7 I2C multiplexer, no acknowledge

The Front Panel says L1 running and I can power the machine up and connect using telnet. Everything seems to be working.

I cant see any output on the console port. I cant believe I have the same problem on both machines. I would have expected at least a L1 prompt

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Re: Origin 350 No L1 or Console

Unread postby jwhat » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:29 pm

Hi Philb,

I have just been through major exercise in getting set of Onyx4s up and running.

To get everything stable on mine I had to:

1. Get all L1 sw versions in sync
2. Get all serial no lined up
3. Get brick/rack ids defined
4. Do set of IRIX installs/upgrades from 6.5.21 to 6.5.29 (as a result of SGI removing sw on the way and needing to go back to ensure some of old but gold sw being installed)
5. Doing number of prom command prompt update/enableall & reboots to ensure hardware inventory was keep updated as I also adjusted hw install.

All documented in hinv & hardware forums under “dubious” and Onyx4/GN2..

As you are having problem getting L1 prompt I would start by trying L3 sw (see here viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16719038 ) and see if you can get L1 access via USB.

I presume in having 2 that you will want to Numalink then together, which is what I did.

Also assume you have null modem cable...


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