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Chimera Rackmount V12/DM3 (Origin/Onyx/Tezro) - Options

Unread postby jwhat » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:49 am

Hi Nekochaners,

I have been trying to get Onyx 4 set up so I can have either V12 or DM3 board connected to set of Chimera Servers/Blades via XIO/Numalink.

See the following:
G2/GN2+Onyx Server: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=16732403
V12 Onyx+Onyx Server: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=16732345
Also I have done a substitution of V12 for DM3 so know that this works

here are pictures of DM3 installation:



The Origin/Onyx DM3 carrier take same DM3 board used in Tezro (you just need to remove the frame) and has in built fan as per V12 carrier.

Initially I thought it would be a simple case of getting 2 x (4x1GHz Servers) and simply putting in V12 and DM3 into each (so you get max. compute without getting into complexity of numalink Router bricks. However having been playing with this for a while I wanted to get suggestions/tips.

Currently I have 4 x Chimera:
2 x (4 x1GHz) - Chimera Servers with IO9 + Keyboard/Mouse Ports
1 x (4 x 800MHz) - Chimera Blade with IO9 + V12 (no Keyboard/Mouse Ports)
1 x (4 x 700MHz) - Chimera GN2 (i.e. no IO9, Keyboard/Mouse Ports)

So I see that I have a few options:

1. 2 x Onyx -> (4x800 + V12) <-- <Numalink> --> (4x700 + DM3)

This would loose benefit of the 4x1GHz Compute

2. 3 x Onyx -> (4x800 + [V12 | DM3]) <-- <Numalink> --> (4x1GHz) <-- <XIO> --> ([V12 | DM3])

This was what I initially thought I would do. I assumed that you could simply pull out CPU board and then plug the Chimera into XIO but so far I have had issues with fan. Once you remove the CPU board the FAN over revs and so machine is automatically shutdown before you can boot up system.
This configuration is similar to G2, but G2 has PCI cooling and single main fan, but both V12 & DM3 need to have two main fans.

3. Get a numalink brick...

This option means more $$$ and numalink brick requires power bricks and everything becomes more complicated... so while I am sure this would work it is not really preferred way to get V12/DM3 with 1GHz compute going.

So Problems:

1. G2/GN2 is not really easy to work with as it has AGP and no XIO riser rather than PCI with XIO that is required for V12 or DM3 and the sync wiring panel and rear hole covers are all part of same assembly, so even if you put in PCI riser still have problems with chassis holes which will likely affect cooling.

2. Is there a way to configure CPU-less chassis so that you can enable/disable fans or control fans to ensure it operates or is there some combination of IO9/Fan configuration that works ?

3. Both 4x1GHz chassis have full bootable configuration (i.e. IO9, with keyboard/mouse ports)

Possible solutions:

1. Get PCI riser card to use with G2/GN2 chassis (I have spare IO9 if needed)
2. Get blanking covers for rear of chassis
3. Test various combinations of with/without IO9 to see if this solve fan issue
4. Are there l1 or other configurations that can be done to get CPU-less chassis with V12 or DM3 running ?

Thank for any ideas.

Cheers from Australia.

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