Corrupt firmware on IR3

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Corrupt firmware on IR3

Unread postby corruptIR3 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:56 pm

it was fine this morning and then My RM10's and DG5's would dissappear and textport would not init from the bios

when I just boot up and run /usr/gfx/gfxinfo its all blank

On on of the two sets of DG5-2's and RM10's sometimes it shows a RM10

but no it gives Me this over gfxinit

Graphics board 0 is "KONAL" graphics.
Unmanaged 104x50363
Display has -2119374932 channel
90 GEs (of 759887520), occmask = 0x81be07f0
GEs BEF ram, 16bit path
320226331 RM7 boards (of -2139093012) 7a/28f7ec/0/7a
Texture Memory: //-/
boards pixel depth
32K cmap
GPI interface device detected
Xvc info not available for unmanaged boards

(is this correct)
when I run /usr/gfx/KONA/bin/ireeprom -e - it says erased
ireeprom -c it says erasing KONA EEPROM video combination

ireeprom -r -f test -p0
==== Pipe 0 ====
graphics not responding... trying again
graphics not responding... trying again
graphics not responding...loading ucode
ucode load complete...
EEPROM readback failed

./ireeprom -w -f /usr/gfx/ucode/KONA/tport.bin
==== Pipe 0 ====
Warning: attempt to load non-newer revision
Existing rev: -252645136, Image revision: 131
Use -F (force) option to override
EEPROM write failed

ireeprom -w -f /usr/gfx/ucode/KONA/tport.bin -F
==== Pipe 0 ====
Reading data from image...
Writing to EEPROM...
EEPROM code and data load complete...
Writing EEPROM header...
EEPROM header load complete...
Comparing EEPROM contents with image...
Error reading back EEPROM contents
EEPROM write failed

This all started when I was wanting to use the Onyx2/IR3 for a while.. Everything was good until I accidentally took the disks out for dust cleaning of the bay and missread the lablels and got semi-support for the IR3 and thats when IR2E started showing up in hinv and all the troubles started everything got random

Please Help ??

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