Running 1600sw with Laptop LVDS Driver

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Running 1600sw with Laptop LVDS Driver

Unread postby HurricaneJames » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:45 am

TL;DR has anybody tried using one of the HDMI+VGA+DVI to LVDS boards to drive a 1600sw?

I was recently gifted a 1600sw. I have no idea if it works. There is no power supply, and I do not have a machine with LDI. I ordered a correctly specced power supply from *bay, so I'll know if it even powers on in a few days. Finding a way to drive the panel though... that is proving much harder. After googling around it appears that LDI might be compatible with LVDS, which is common for laptops. *bay has a bunch of, relatively cheap, boards to convert HDMI, VGA, and/or DVI to LVDS. Has anybody tried those?
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