Tezro with USB Keyboard and Wireless Mouse (SOLVED)

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Tezro with USB Keyboard and Wireless Mouse (SOLVED)

Unread postby devv » Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:49 pm


I've got a Tezro whose hinv is here:

I was trying to set it up with a USB keyboard and mouse.

The setup that worked (when both keyboard and mouse were on wired USB) was as follows:
- It worked as long as I deleted /etc/ioconfig.conf before rebooting (when switching from PS/2 to USB)
- And then (before/during reboot) I had to plug out the PS/2 keyboard and mouse, and only leave USB in.
- (Having both PS/2 and USB plugged in at the same time didn't work -- it made it always only choose one, preferring PS/2)
- Also, I tried it with two different USB keyboards. One was a SGI-branded one, and that one worked after 2 reboots. The other one was a no-name, "modern"/small USB keyboard for PC (bought in 2010 or so) and that one did not work no matter what.
- Also, the keyboard and mouse always had to stay connected to the same USB ports as they were in when /etc/ioconfig.conf was automatically generated by the system, and they had to be present at boot time.
- Also, if one is not absolutely sure that the USB plugs won't change their location, then it may be best to set up /etc/ioconfig.conf to be deleted as part of every system shutdown/reboot, so that on a fresh boot the file is always regenerated according to the current configuration.

However, I was unhappy about the fact that only a wired USB mouse worked; a wireless mouse (Logitech M325) did not work. The non-functional behavior with a wireless mouse was as follows:
- During boot, there was a message about not being able to set mouse idle interval. (I later found out that this message showed up for a wired mouse as well (and that mouse worked), so that message was not related to the wireless side of things at all)
- When Irix showed the visual login, the wireless mouse did move in the general direction of where I moved it, but in a completely erratical and uncontrolled way, and that behavior remained when I logged in too (so bottom line -- it was unusable)

Then I tried placing a KVM switch in between (specifically, Avocent/Cybex SC240), by connecting USB keyboard and mouse to the switch and then using cable SCPS2-6 to connect from the switch to the Tezro's PS2 ports (after again deleting /etc/ioconfig.conf, of course). The behavior was as follows:
- The USB keyboard worked (the one that worked when plugged in directly too; the other one mentioned did not work)
- The mouse did work, but only if it was moved in a slow way and the events were slow (otherwise the mouse events would simply get ignored or misinterpreted until the mouse action was stopped, and re-initiated in a slow way)

(The SC240 switch accepts external power input but on a PC it also works without it; it gets the power from the host system's USB. I carried out those tests without the external power plugged in.)

Then I tried using the same switch, but using the SCUSB-6 cable (so it's all USB -- the keyboard and wireless mouse are USB to the switch, and the connection from the switch to the Tezro is also USB, to the Tezro's USB PCI-X card). This did not work at first, and I noticed that the USB light on the switch was periodically giving a very small LED flash, which I recalled indicating that there was not enough power available.

I connected the external power supply to the KVM switch (5V, polarity middle positive) and voila -- it worked! (Wired USB keyboard model SGI SK2502U (P/N 062-0031-001) and wireless USB mouse (Logitech M325) connected to the Avocent SC240 switch, then using SCUSB-6 cable connected to the Tezro's USB PCI-X card.)

And best of all -- I am using the mouse with mousewheel enabled as documented on http://www.nekochan.net/wiki/Wheel_Mous ... Under_IRIX. The Wiki page does not mention it, but in the 'pcmouse' manpage it says that pcmouse_mode with a mouse wheel does not work when using a mouse via a KVM switch. However -- in this setup it works!
And also the KVM switching itself works, in case you'd be using that switch for multiple computers.

(For completeness, later I've also tried the setup with USB to the switch and PS/2 to the Tezro, but this time with the external power supply to the KVM connected.
The effect was the same as without the power supply -- the keyboard did not work, and the mouse worked only if moved slowly.
(It must be that the keyboard does not work due to some sort of lack of power (judging by the keyboard lights that periodically go on for a short period of time and then fizzle out.))
In any case, that about rounds up the set of permutations possible, and makes it clear what works and what doesn't.)

Awesome stuff, enjoy the info!
oOoO :Tezro: oOoO

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