o2 and stereo 3d glasses

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o2 and stereo 3d glasses

Unread postby rvic » Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:57 pm

I've been trying to install an Elsa revelator 3d device and i can't make it to run ...
here is the story ...

I bought a pair of elsa 3d glasses and it worked very nice under win with a nvidia card ... and with the provided adapter ...
the cable is a mini-din 3 pin split from vga ...
The connector is a vesa mini-din 3 pin ... 5 volts .. acordingly ...
The o2 presenter card has a mini-din stereo connector but it provides 12 volts 0.5A ...
because somebody said the revelator worked fine in sgi ... i tried it ....
i did exactly as in wiki ... no result ...
in 1024x786_96s ... the stereo mode ... it switches in that mode but in inventor or hacknoid when i switch to stereo mode nothing is happening ...
maybe i'm not doing something ...
maybe the presenter board need some special trigger in software ...
by the way .. it doesn't show in the hinv ... and i think i shouldn't until i plug a presenter monitor ...
i'm wondering if the presenter board should be somehow notified in the system ?
and ... shouldn't i see something like 48hz on the screen when i switch to that mode ?
cause i only see 1024x768 at 96hz on my monitor ... like it doesn't swap buffers ... maybe i didn't understand how it should to work ...
should i have 5 volts on the glasses ?... maybe 12 is too much ...
if someone make it to work on the O2 ... please can you tell what steps did you take ...
Is it possible that the presenter board doesn't work? ... How can i verify?
sorry for too many questions.
I already searched and read all the topics in this matter ... but none of it helped

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Re: o2 and stereo 3d glasses

Unread postby canavan » Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:12 pm

If the presenter board is anything like the 1600sw adapter board, it won't show in the hinv on its own, only the screen will be listed if it is connected. Your monitor should display 96Hz, since it is the glasses' job to blank out every other frame for each eye. Without the glasses, you should see both "perspectives" at the same time, like in the screenshot at the top here: http://www.geektechnique.org/projectlab/851/making-3d-glasses-for-a-silicon-graphics.html You can check if the stereo port is working with an oscilloscope, a frequency counter or maybe a logic analyzer. If you don't have any of those, 5V could be acceptable for an old internal PC speaker, a 48Hz square wave should be very annoying, don't try any line or even microphone inputs or active speakers.

Are the ELSA glasses really VESA-3d compatible? The 12V 0.5A supply is the power supply for an emitter or glasses, not the voltage for the stereo signal, which should work at 5V (TTL) levels. If your glasses are really powered with 5V, I'm wondering where those should come from off a VGA cable.

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Re: o2 and stereo 3d glasses

Unread postby rvic » Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:31 pm

yes ... the elsa 3d revelator is vesa compatible but the vesa standard stated that it has 5v not 12v .
I learned that sgi pushed this standard .... but vesa changed it so it powers with only 5v.
Sgi had on all types of connectors for the 3d glasses a voltage of 12v 0.5 amps.
Now i have an asus 3d glasses and this elsa .
For the asus i will try the old project tot adapt the sync and voltage.
But for the elsa all i could think of is that it should work even if the voltage is much than twice ... it's low amp anyway.
About the vga cable ... yes you are right ... the elsa glasses is connected through a vga splitter ... an it draws 5v from vga ... the sync is ovelapped on the ddc signal and the nvidia driver know's that .
Now ... digging thorough the net i found out another great project that will make both of them work in any configuration ... a controller in two versions ... analog and digital with it's share of pros and cons ... this is the link
Thank you for the suggetsion on how to check the presenter mini-din signal ... i'll try that ...
If i'm gonna hit something interesting with this project i'll put it here.
By the way somebody "Voralyan" said that elsa revelator works wihtout any adapter but he had an octane ... i don't know ...
here is the link
here is another link

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