ID Chip in Fuel

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Re: ID Chip in Fuel

Unread postby hhoffman » Thu May 04, 2017 5:17 am

... actually I only changed the DALLAS chip to a new one. When I change back to the old DALLAS chip (where the battery seems dead) it is gone and everything works fine ....

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Re: ID Chip in Fuel

Unread postby japes » Sun May 07, 2017 1:45 pm

MODS: Can we split off hhoffman's Tezro question into a new thread?

hhoffman, what does `serial all` return when the new and old DALLAS chips are on the L1 controller? also the output of `log`? What about the LCD? I would expect a new DS1724W to cause the L1 LCD to display a no serial number error.

What lead you to replacing the DALLAS chip on the tezro? or what are the symptoms you were trying to fix?

You need to reprogram the system serial number if you replace the DS1724W, I used a L2 controller to do so. If you're moving a DS1724W from another machine I would be....cautious. Thinking if you wanted to move one I'd be sure the L1 was the same version and same type, Fuel->Fuel, Tezro->Tezro, O350->O350, but avoid movement like O3000->Fuel or Fuel->Tezro.
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