Bake your graphics card!

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Re: Bake your graphics card!

Unread postby MisterDNA » Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:26 am

skywriter wrote:all true. but people love magic, and hate reality. don't spoil their dreams.

Wouldn't dream of it. Makes me money. Far as they know I'm healing stuff just by touching it.

Though I'm glad I don't live in the kind of area where people who fear sprinkler rainbows would call me a heretic for it.

Actually, a coworker who did house calls repairing TVs for 20 years has plenty of stories about that. Buried in a set for two hours replacing stuff and people get butthurt that he didn't drag out and replace a carburetor. "A transistor? I got some uh them in my five dollar radio. That lil thing ain't worth ninety bucks. Oh look. Wheel-uh-fartune's on." *signs drool-covered check while in a trance*

I feel some of his pain. It's only a little bit easier to explain to similar cretins that a cracked LCD panel has to be replaced after taking a hit from a full can of PBR after their team loses a game. And it's a good time to sell them an overpriced sheet of plexiglass to protect the screen.

I so prefer dealing with businesses and technical-minded people, as opposed to Joe Sixpack, one example of whom tried to pay me with their daughter after I fixed their computer.
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Re: Bake your graphics card!

Unread postby SAQ » Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:22 am

I saw a small piece (can't recall if it was a monograph or portion of a book) on the importance of having a back room in repair/machine work/etc. The gist of it was that you can be much more mysterious and don't have to explain why the 10-minute task that involved twiddling a couple of pieces costs $50.
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