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The Octane Hardware Aggregator

Unread postby GeneratriX » Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:33 pm

Well... let's start this! :)

- SCSI HardDisks:
Note: Any half-height or low-profile SCSI drive with an 80-pin SCA interface should work when attached to the Octane's internal SCSI bus, so this list is far from comprehensive.
    1. SGI IBM DDRS-39130W S95D
    2. Seagate Cheetah ST173404lCV (73GB, 10k)
    3. IBM DRHS COMP IEC-950 (36GB, 7200)
    4. Seagate Cheetah ST336706LC (36GB, 10k)
    5. Fujitsu MAS3367NC (36GB 15K)
    6. Maxtor AtlasII series (various capacities, 15k)

- SCSI -> ATAPI Adapters:
    1. ACARD AEC-7722 ATAPI/IDE device on LVD (80MB/sec) SCSI bus.
    2. Yamaha V769970
    3. Yamaha V781180


    1. QLogic QLA1040 (SE)
    2. QLogic QLA 1040D (HVD)
    3. QLogic QLA1240D (HVD)
    4. QLogic QLA1080 (SE)
    5. QLogic QLA1280 (SE)
    6. QLogic QLA12160 (SE/LVD) (33 or 66MHz versions will work, but the Octane PCI bus is limited to 33MHz)

- XIO Fibre Channel:
    1. SGI 2-Port 1GB FC (p/n 030-0927-00x; requires Octane-style XIO latch)

- PCI Fibre Channel :
    1. QLogic QLA2200
    2. Prisa NetFX

- PCI FireWire (IEEE-1394):
    1. Adaptec 4300 (Red PCB)

- PCI Gigabit Network Cards:
    1. SGI p/n 9210289 (3C996B-T-SGI1)
    2. Any Tigon3 gigabit cards should work with this hack, these include Compaq NC7770, 3Com 3c996B-T
    (needs the B)

- PCI Audio:
    1. SGI RAD Digital Audio PCI
    2. M-Audio Revolution 7.1 (also available from SGI as the DM 8)

- PCI Serial

- Misc. XIO:

- CD-ROM Drives:

- SCSI CD-ROM Drives:
    1. SGI External CD-ROM (bootable; Granite case, Toshiba mechanisms of varying speeds)
    2. Toshiba TXM3401E1 (does audio cd's, but requires caddies)
    3. Plextor PX12TSe
    4. Plextor PX20TSe
    5. Plextor UltraPlex 40x

- CD-RW Drives:

- SCSI CD-RW Drives:
Note: Unless indicated, successful use as PROM boot device and/or audio-over-SCSI have not been verified.
    1. Plextor CD-R PX-R820T 1.08
    2. Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32
    3. Plextor Plexwriter 40/12/40S
    4. Sony CRX145S 10x4x32
    5. Yamaha CRW4416SX 4x4x16
    6. Yamaha CRW6416SX 6x4x16
    7. Yamaha CRW8424SX 8x4x24
    8. Yamaha CRW8824SX 8x8x24
    9. Yamaha CRW2100SX 16x10x40
    10. Yamaha CRW2200SX 20x10x40

- SCSI DVD-ROM Drives:


- DVD-RAM Drives:

- SCSI DVD-RAM Drives:
    1. Matshita (Panasonic) LF-D291 (SCSI)

    1. Archive Python 4324RP

    1. Seagate CTD8000H-S (says *Octane Option* on the label)

    1. HP C1537A DDS-3 Drive
    2. Sony SDT-9000

    1. SGI Model P-DATA20-EXT (Sony SDT-S1100 mechanism; SGI p/n 013-3168-00x)
    2. Sony SDT-SDT10000 /SDT-11000
    3. Quantum (formerly Seagate) Scorpion 40 SDT2401LW (IRIX specific configuration info available in this manual)

- DLT:

- 3.5" Floppy Drives:
    1. Teac FD-235 HS

- Removable Drives:
    1. Imation LS-120 (SCSI)
    2. Iomega Zip 100 (SCSI)
    3. Iomega Zip 100 Plus (SCSI/Parallel)
    4. Iomega Jaz (SCSI; 1 and 2GB versions)

- Magneto-Optical (MO) Drives:
    1. Fujitsu MCM3064SS
    2. Fujitsu MCM3130SS
    3. Fujitsu MCJ3230SS
Note: A detailed bilingual guide by Diego A. De Giorgio [Generatrix] can be found here: The MOD/M.O.D. (Magneto Optical Drive) IRIX FAQ

- PS/2 Mice/Keyboards:
    1. Genius KB-06XE PS/2 Slim Keyboard
    2. Genius NetScroll 120 PS/2 Basic Optical Mouse

- SCSI Scanners:
    1. Epson Perfection 636
    2. HP ScanJet 5P
    3. HP ScanJet 6300C

- USB Mice/Keyboards:

- Tablets:
    1. Wacom Intuos (serial interface)
    2. Wacom Intuos2 (serial interface)

- PCMCIA Card readers:

- SCSI PCMCIA Card readers:

- Monitors
Note: A properly wired 13w3 to HD15 adapter or cable is required. Most generic 13w3 to HD15 adapters are wired to the Sun version of 13w3 which may cause display issues if used with an Octane. If the advertisements says an adapter "works with Sun, IBM and SGI", it probably doesn't without modification. SGI made a 13w3 to HD15 cable for the Octane, the part number is 018-0881-002.
    1. Acer P243W 24" LCD 1920x1080 (13w3>HD15 with proper cable or adapter)
    2. BenQ G2110W & G2110WA (Sub-D VGA-only) --tested with V12 and Schleusel's 1680x1050 vfo. Works fine.
    3. Compaq P1220 (Octane/ESI/ESI+TRAM)
    4. Dell P991 19" CRT (works with 13w3 adapter with pins pulled)
    5. Dell P1130 21" CRT 2048x1536 (HD15) (other manufacturers, including HP, have versions of the P1130 with similar specifications)
    6. Dell FP1800 18" LCD 1280x1024 (13w3>HD15 connection)
    7. Dell 2001FP 20.1" LCD 1600x1200_60 V12 (13w3>HD15 connection)
    8. Dell 2007WFP 20.1" LCD 1280x1024_60 on EMXI tested only (13w3>HD15 connection)
    9. Dell 2405FPW, 1920x1200_60 (13w3>HD15 connection)
    10. Dell 2407WFP 24" LCD 1920x1200_60 V8 or V12 graphics (13w3>HD15 connection)
    11. Dell 2407WFP 24" LCD 1920x1200_60 V12 graphics w/DCD (DVI connection)
    12. Dell M770 (CRT - 13w3>HD15)
    13. Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24" 1920x1200 IPS. Max 60Hz refresh.
    14. HP LP2475W H-IPS 24" Flat Panel
    15. I-Inc CY199D, 1280x1024, driving analog through the VGA port.
    16. Lenovo ThinkVision L220x , SoG capable - will work with generic 13W3->HD15 adapter <reported by jade_angel>
    17. LG Flatron L1718S, 17", it is said to work with Indigo2 R10K/IMPACT.
    18. LG Flatron L1732TQ 17" 1280x1024 (13w3>HD15 connection)
    19. LG L1942P, 19" letterbox, vesa mount, accepts SOG, has both VGA and DVI inputs with source selection and pivots into portrait.
    20. LG L1942T, 4:3 format, 13W3 to HD15 VGA.
    21. LG L222WS plugged by vga with an adaptator. It works fine in 1680x1050 with a MGRAS video card (on IRIX only for the moment)
    22. LG L225WS 22"
    23. LG Flatron E2242T, 21.5", 4:3 and 16:9 format, 13W3 to HD15 VGA.
    24. LG W2254TQ 22" 1680x1050. Worked with Indy, should work with Octane.
    25. NEC AccuSync 72VX 17" LCD (13w3>HD15 connection)
    26. Philips 170S 17" LCD (13w3>HD15 connection)
    27. Samsung SyncMaster Mod. 2043nw, 16:9 format, 13w3 to HD15 (narrow 4:3 image)
    28. Samsung Syncmaster F2380 (Octane/SE)
    29. Samsung SyncMaster 204B LCD (20", 1600x1200 - SoG capable, tested with IR3 and SGI 13W3 to VGA cable)
    30. SGI (Sony) GDM-20D11 19" CRT (standard 13w3 connection)
    31. SGI (Sony) GDM-20E21 20" CRT (standard 13w3 connection)
    32. SGI (Sony) GDM 4011P 20" CRT (dual input 13W3/HD15)
    33. Viewsonic Optiquest V95
    34. Viewsonic VP201b 20.1" LCD
    35. Telefunken L20H265M2D, 51 cm (20 Inch), HD-ready LED TV.
The PlayStation 2 - SOG Monitor DataBase is another resource for Sync-on-Green compliant montors that might work with the Octane.

- xDSL Modem/Router combos
    1. NogaNet TENDA TED8620R (Ethernet)

-Screw Sizes for the Octane Drive Sled
    The sled takes a 6-32 machine screw, the length will vary depending on which type of Octane sled you have.
    The newer type Octane sled (with the handle that pulls up from the bottom)......the screw length should be 3/8";
    The older type Octane sled (with the finger pull tab in the front)......the screw length should be 1/2".

-Memory Sticks for the Octane 030-0887-005 Rev. B Mainboard
    Kingston branded (KSG-OCT/512) single-board 256MB sticks with IBM or Toshiba chipset, Part Number 9902312-008.A00.

-Memory Sticks for the Octane 030-1467-001 Rev. C Mainboard
    Kingston double-board 512mb modules, Part: KSG-OCT/512-CE, 52075-002.A00 K2
    Kingston single-board 128mb modules, Part: KSG-OCT/128-CE, 2028-004.A00-KIT2
    SEC single-board 64mb modules, Part: KMM379S803AT-G0, 9940084
    IBM single-board 64mb modules, IBM part number appears to be 1308734HCA-10T. However, I do not see much in regards to this when I google the part number. However, there is SGI part number 9010019 on the modules.



I've only included here some hardware I was personally able to try up to the date either on my IP30 or boxes from some of my old customers... despites the fact I could guess that many other stuff from O2, Fuel, etc. could work for IP30 too, I'll just put my efforts to base the list on things already probed on the practice from members here.

I've separated some categories... thus "SCSI CD-ROM Drives" can include any variation from SCSI CD-ROM devices, but "CD-ROM Drives" can also include ATAPI units using any form of SCSI/IDE converter, or IEEE-1394/IDE hubs along with IEEE-1394 PCI boards on PCI card cage, etc. You name it!

Same goes for the boards... thus there are the native "XIO" ones without any special distinction, and the separated categories for "PCI" ones.

Thanks to "fu", since I've used his thread "The O2 Hardware Aggregator" as a direct template for this one!

Thanks to "recondas" for the motivation!

And... thanks to "nekonoko", of course!

So... let's start this... can we fill all of this categories? I'm sure I'm not the only one having an Octane around! :)
All the best,

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