SCSI IDs and external DDS-4 drive

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Re: SCSI IDs and external DDS-4 drive

Unread postby Richtom1 » Tue May 04, 2010 4:25 pm

This site will help. Just click on what you are looking for, I think documentation gives you the jumper info. Site has info on all Operating Systems not just Unix. ... e_v224.pdf

Here is the original support pages before clicking through to the above link:


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Re: SCSI IDs and external DDS-4 drive

Unread postby recondas » Tue May 04, 2010 6:08 pm

Those Sony refences will certainly be helpful, but there's a link to the manual specific to the Seagate Scorpion 40 SDT2401LW DAT in the Octane Hardware Aggregator.

The Seagate manual includes the SDT2401LW specific jumper settings. Depending on your revision of IRIX, you may also need the identification string tfor /var/sysgen/master.d/scsi so that the advanced features <like compression> work on your drive. Here's a link to the manual: (EDIT: The link to the manual is now defunct)

If you need the IRIX6.5 specific identification string, it's on page 10. I'd check /var/sysgen/master.d/scsi first. The identification string may already be there - I found it at lines 258 - 271.

Code: Select all

    { DATTAPE, TPDAT, 7, 12, "SEAGATE", "DAT    06240" /*DAT*/, 0, 0, {0},
           /* note: this drive uses modeselect page 0xf for compression control;
            * most of the other drives supporting compression use page 0x10 */
           /* minimum delay on i/o is 12 minutes, because when a retry is
            * performed, the drive retries a number of times, and then
            * rewinds to BOT, repositions, and tries again.  */
           40,12*60, 12*60, 12*60, 3*3600, 512, 512*512,
           tpsc_default_dens_count, tpsc_default_hwg_dens_names,
           {0}, 0, 0, 0,
           0, (u_char *)0 },

If you do have to add the identification string into /var/sysgen/master.d/scsi, you'll need to rebuild the kernel with the autoconfig command. The process is described in an article in the nekowiki. ... r_IRIX_6.5
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