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Unread postby BMS » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:10 am

so, I don't want to relist what happened here, I just want to personally thank people for all the technical stuff I learned during the cyber-attacks against Wonderland; i.e. thank people like REDACTED for all of the insults that have kept me motivated at learning new stuff!

What did corrupted the database? Something is reported REDACTED, since I asked my friends to help me at understanding the web-technology. Something went in public around different topics, whereas a part of the discussion went in private, and the website Wonderland is now definitively offline; but it helped my activities, that are now concluded with the last workstations sold just a few days ago. So, I am now definitively out of everything is related to UNIX and retro-computing (guess you are happy to hear, I suppose!)

A pic of the last workstation sold!


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