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IBM workstations/servers/mainframes and operating systems (AIX, OS/2, etc.)
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Unread postby hamei » Thu Feb 01, 2007 7:21 am

R-ten-K wrote:How different is/was VisualAge from Eclipse?

I don't want to get shot, but the C++ tools from M$ are not too bad, VisualStudio is the only product under Windows which didn't make want to pluck my eyes out with a table spoon.

Never used Eclipse but in general, what sets the Visual Age products apart is how object-oriented they are. In fact, I think that they are mostly written in Smalltalk. I can see where object-orientation can suck but when it works, for the user it is really great. There are some old articles at EDM/2 describing several compilers. It's kind of interesting how far some of this stuff has come in a relatively short time.

Doesn't Visual Studio push that MDI crap ? Ugh !

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