HP9000 735/125 monitor compatibility

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HP9000 735/125 monitor compatibility

Unread postby marmotta » Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:12 am


My HP9000 have a crx24z video board with three bnc (and one for stereo), is sync on green and with bnc>vga converter and my Hp p1100 crt work good. The problem is my Brilliance 180p2 (lcd). The spec is apparently ok: sog, 1280x1024 from 60 to 75hz... my Indigo at 1280x1024@72 and sog sync work great with this monitor... but with HP9000 I have only a black screen! Sync is ok (led is green) but is all black, also the osd menu not pop-up, and not messages from the monitor, only black!

Where is the problem? Sog of HP is different of Sog of Sgi? Different RGB signal? Abnormal pixel clock?

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