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HP Superdome Flex

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:55 am
by GL1zdA ... ex-system/ ... -makeover/ ... dome_flex/ ... 0026242enw

So, apparently, this is what SGI hardware evolved into. The successor to the MC990 (rebadged SGI UV 300) and Superdome X (evolved from the Convex Exemplar) will be the Skylake based Superdome Flex. The HARP ASIC is now called Flex ASIC, the NUMA ports used to connect the nodes are now Flex ports. Currently only configuration up to 8 CPUs (2 nodes) are offered but configuration up to 32 CPUs (8 nodes) should be available (same limit as with the UV 300). No word about a successor to the UV 3000.