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HP 9000 735/125 with 208MB memory, free to a good home, SF Bay Area

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:56 am
by aperezbios
I'm looking for a good home for an HP 9000 735/125. It does not have any disks in the sled, though I've booted Debian on it. I'm in San Jose, California, and this unit is nearly 40 lbs, so if you want it and aren't local, you're on the hook for shipping.

This particular 735/125 has an HP sticker on it which indicates it was used in their Dallas Staging & Distribution center, and has the BNC/ThinNet network module (there was no 10BaseT module made for this series, only AUI and FDDI, and both are essentially unobtanium these days).

I'll throw in a brand new SCSI2SD V6 for $80 if it helps move this box out of my life.