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HP Disk Modules

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:19 pm
by pentium
I have an A3515A Intelligent disk array and I've noticed it uses the same style sleds as my D350. They seem to come in both LVD and HVD flavours, marked with a yellow or purple SD or DF sticker on the front of the module and either SE or DF stamped on the PCB inside (but the components on both types of PCB are identical in values and placement).
I do not have enough of either type module to completely populate the array so I am wondering if I could just remove all the SE disks and fill them all with HVD drives or if there's something else I've missed that makes them incompatible with eachother.

Yes I am aware you should never mix HVD and LVD disks. I'm just wondering if the modules are the same in that regard.