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HP 9000 model E55 in the news (RUSSIANS!!!!!!!1)

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:55 am
by ClassicHasClass
The brutal Russian security services, having failed to completely slake their drooling, lascivious lusty perverse passions upon the nefarious exposure and self-gratifying repeated penetration of a helpless, virginal, nubile young PA-RISC machine at its prime, are using the same techniques yet again to force themselves on more defenseless victims.

Isn't that more interesting to read than the relatively staid Wired article I just summarized? ... o-decades/

Anyway, the picture enlargement (as pointed out by David Collins himself, he being the current curator of the famous HP Museum) does clearly show it is an E55. This is not a frequently encountered unit these days. ... C_0794.jpg

OpenPA has some additional pictures of the E-Class series. They are PA-7100LC based. ... 5_e55.html