I'm looking for a mouse for my VAXstation 4000 VLC

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I'm looking for a mouse for my VAXstation 4000 VLC

Unread postby tomvos » Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:43 am


I have a VAXstation 4000 VLC which has this 7 pin mini-din mouse connector. If I understand all the documentation and tidbits in the internet correctly, I need either a:

VSXXX-AA (the round puckey mouse)


VSXXX-GA (the more conventional mouse)

Has anyone a spare mouse for a DEC VAXstation 4000 which he would like to sell? Or are there any other possible alternative or sources to acquire a suitable mouse in Germany (or at least somewhere in Europe)?.

Thanks for your help.

@Moderator: I was not sure wether to post this request under HP/DEC/Compaq or under Hardware/wanted. Feel free to move this thread appropriately.

Update: Finally got one - a Hawley Wheel Mouse.
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