5.1 audio “5.1 CH OUT” Mini-DIN (9-pin) break-out cable

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5.1 audio “5.1 CH OUT” Mini-DIN (9-pin) break-out cable

Unread postby Pontus » Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:04 pm

Aren't they specific for the card in question?
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Re: 5.1 audio “5.1 CH OUT” Mini-DIN (9-pin) break-out cable

Unread postby modology » Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:59 pm

wat card is that? is it for tezro?

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Re: 5.1 audio “5.1 CH OUT” Mini-DIN (9-pin) break-out cable

Unread postby dukzcry » Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:36 pm

Discussing with eMGee we figured that there is a bunch of totally different audio options for IA-64/PA-RISC HP workstations hidden by various HP P/Ns.
Soundcard that eMGee mentioned seems to be A7784-60501 one, but not AB620-6050x, but i haven't very strict confirmations of this.
It's HP rebranded FortéMedia FM801-AU device also known as "Sound Maker 5.1" ("16bit PCI audio card for Itanium systems" added at some sellers descriptions) offered by Genius-Kye at PC market of early 00-x.
Maybe even non-HP-branded Genius will work for HP-UX, who knows.

HP notice us (via PartSurfer) that A7784 family options aren't acceptable anymore since of Sep-30-2009. Maybe board maker doesn't build them since (this card had been selling starting circa 2001), i don't see a lot of other reasons, since this card and card about which i'll write next are from the same era (the only one advantage of Philips mentioned by next i know, is that it eats little amount of CPU cycles in comparing to other cards of same time). So they replaced A7784-6050x parts by AB620-60503 which is totally different card. It's actually Philips PSC1602 based on `Sonic Engine` chip which was targeted mainly for `HP c8000 with HP-UX` platform and support for this sound card cames with PHKL_31508 patch for 11.23 ("New audio h/w support and cumulative fixes." and "Add support for the Phillips PSC-1602 audio card." I don't understand why HP write "Philips" as "Phillips" by the way :cry:). I'm including the best image of it that i could find. Unfortunately, photo quality is far from clean :(

This card looks close to "Philips Sonic Edge 5.1" for example or other cards made by Philips, but i can't find any clue for Philips PSC1602 based audiocards, at least by Google. Cards based on previous chips like PSC702, 704... e.t.c. all had their own names like "Seismic / Rhythmic or Acoustic Edge" for example. This chip brings me to AB620-60503 every time i search instead. Maybe Philips just used it in another fields of their production like DACs, players or something else...
But at least there should exists both HP-certified and general purpose versions, since on photo that i included there is non-HP-certified one. At least at HP version (only one that i found) i can see neither game port nor Mini-DIN multi-channel lineout. It's here: (please ignore wood bear :))
!Bz!)k1QCGk~$(KGrHqV,!hcEw5FLmew(BMUINUPf7!~~_12.JPG (17.56 KiB) Viewed 2958 times

Hey, HP, it's very limited anyway! Why there is so few audio options available? Yes, we got 5.1 and game port since first one is a OEM Genius card, but do these features works under HP-UX? In Philips card they even removed outputs although chip supports 5.1.
Why should we use crappy cards of stone age with 16-bit resolution DACs and rotten codecs, that require additional PCI slot if HP could placed audio onboard at the time of zx2000/zx6000/c8000? Or at least add support for some of USB audio options avaliable at that time instead.

By the way, since i didn't figured what card states behind of Philips PSC1602, i'll pick generic Genius SoundMaker card instead, at least it's much more cheaper than branded offers and these cards are still available locally in my city. And i hope that i'll can find offer with miniDIN cable included especially with non-OEM edition.

Useful links:
- Nice A7784 description at eBay catalog;
- Notes in HP-UX patches descriptions that HP added "Genius-Kye Sound Maker 5.1" support (they call it by original name :D).
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Re: 5.1 audio “5.1 CH OUT” Mini-DIN (9-pin) break-out cable

Unread postby guardian452 » Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:33 am

I don't understand why HP write "Philips" as "Phillips" by the way :cry:).

For the record, there is an American 'Phillips' that makes trailer lights and wiring harnesses and etcetera. And dozens of other 'Phillips' brands with two Ls. We are more familiar with the Dutch 'Philips' which makes coffee makers and hifis and most anything else with electrons flowing through it.

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Re: [...]

Unread postby alexott » Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:58 am

Since some guy got interested, this option (Genius SoundMaker, non HP-branded) works. There were few different versions of it (i.e. different voltage and chips), so you need to find suitable one: FM801-AU chip and universal voltage card header. Very easy to figure by looking at the card. You need this one instead of this one (which produces in nowdays). Remember that c8000 doesn't accept 5V cards. The proper name of old card that you need is a "Genius Sound Maker Live 5.1", look for it at local flea markets or auctions. If it's not local bargain, ask seller if the one he will sail matches the "Genius Sound Maker Live 5.1" photo. Attention: Sound Maker 32x2, Sound Maker 32 and Sound Maker Value (not Live) 5.1 or any Sound Maker 4.1 are wrong, at least i know nothing about their support in HP-UX.
For 5.1 you need 9-pin break-out cable, subject of which was an original target of this topic, by the way, i never had it to check if multi-channel support works, also i don't have any audio options except stereo. You will have stereo-out, line-in and mic-in jacks at least...
I also don't think that there is a plug for PC speaker on this non-OEM, HP-branded card.

ioscan & checking

Code: Select all

# ioscan -fnuC audio
Class     I  H/W Path  Driver S/W State   H/W Type     Description
audio     0  0/3/5/0   audio   CLAIMED     INTERFACE    PCI Audio
                     /dev/audio       /dev/audioBU     /dev/audioEA_0
 /dev/audioIA     /dev/audioIU_0   /dev/audioLU     /dev/audioNL_0
                     /dev/audioBA     /dev/audioBU_0   /dev/audioEL
 /dev/audioIA_0   /dev/audioLA     /dev/audioLU_0   /dev/audioNU
                     /dev/audioBA_0   /dev/audioCtl    /dev/audioEL_0
 /dev/audioIL     /dev/audioLA_0   /dev/audioNA     /dev/audioNU_0
                     /dev/audioBL     /dev/audioCtl_0  /dev/audioEU
 /dev/audioIL_0   /dev/audioLL     /dev/audioNA_0   /dev/audio_0
                     /dev/audioBL_0   /dev/audioEA     /dev/audioEU_0
 /dev/audioIU     /dev/audioLL_0   /dev/audioNL
audio     1  0/3/5/1   audio   CLAIMED     INTERFACE    Unimplemented Game Port
                     /dev/audioBA_1   /dev/audioCtl_1  /dev/audioEU_1
 /dev/audioIU_1   /dev/audioLU_1   /dev/audioNU_1
                     /dev/audioBL_1   /dev/audioEA_1   /dev/audioIA_1
 /dev/audioLA_1   /dev/audioNA_1   /dev/audio_1
                     /dev/audioBU_1   /dev/audioEL_1   /dev/audioIL_1
 /dev/audioLL_1   /dev/audioNL_1
# /opt/audio/bin/Aserver
# /opt/audio/bin/send_sound -au /opt/audio/sounds/welcome.au
"Welcome to HP-UX audio!"
# /opt/audio/bin/send_sound -au /opt/audio/sounds/stereo_test.au -stereo
# mount /dev/dsk/c2t0d0 /mnt/cdrom
# /opt/audio/bin/send_sound -wav /mnt/cdrom/starshine.wav -stereo
Plays OK

You can use HP-UX-providen Aserver for audio (don't forget to run it :P before trying to figure why there is no sound), or OSS for HP-UX as other option (supports this card too!). For OSS there is a nice mixer called XMMIX, providen in both console and Motif versions, more advancier than native HP one.

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