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Re: Alphaserver DS15

Unread postby johnnym » Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:56 pm

zahal wrote:
johnnym wrote:Does a GigE NIC make a difference for your VNC connection?

Yes it does! A lot more fluid. The Tigon3 card eventually started working.

Great, will try that, too, with a Tigon II based NIC with SGI branding! I recently found out that those Tigon NICs use embedded R4K CPUs (see for example FreeBSD's ti(4) manpage or the header of the Tigon III driver in NetBSD). So the perfect choice for SGI/MIPS enthusiasts, even if "slower" than an Intel NIC. ;)


Har, har, har...

zahal wrote:
johnnym wrote:Any luck with the v4.x.x kernels?

I installed a 4.x.x kernel but it bombed during startup. I ended up downloading the 4.8.15 source code and compiling the kernel for the Titan motherboard. It's been over a decade since I last compiled a kernel! It has been working fine with 4.8.15 now.

Yes, early 2016 on the Debian Alpha mailing list they also mentioned that a self-compiled kernel v4.x.x works fine on an SX164. But compilation of a Debian kernel with - non-working - GENERIC config took the guy that created the thread 33 (!) hours. I assume I'd need a similar time on my PWS 500au, even when changing config options, arrghh :? . Maybe I can use QEMU and the eight cores of my xw9400 to speed things up. At least this method worked well when compiling a Debian 7 kernel for my O2 with the help of an eight core Clovertown machine more than a year ago.

zahal wrote:I'll try Gentoo again, since the Stage 3 archives for Alpha have been updated 3 times since I tried to install it. Hopefully the compiler has been updated in order to generate code optimized for newer Alpha processors.

Gentoo also sounds interesting, would you mind posting if you're successful with it?
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