Sun WorkShop 5 non-expiring demo license?

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RE: Sun WorkShop 5 non-expiring demo license?

Unread postby escimo » Sat May 06, 2017 7:48 am


WORKSHOP 3.0 alias "Sun Visual WorkShop C++ 3.0" (incl. C/C++ 4.2)

WORKSHOP 5.0 alias "Sun Visual WorkShop C++ 5.0" (incl. C/C++ 5.0)

(*) One of the products on the prodcut media (CD-ROM) was named "Sun Visual WorkShop C++ 3.0" although IST's X-Designer was of version "2.0". Nevertheless the product CD-ROM itself belongs to Sun WorkShop 4.0 alias "Sun WorhShop for Solaris 2.x". Crazy versioning!

The following products have reached End of Life (EOL) and End of Service Life (EOSL). These products are no longer supported by Sun Microsystems(...)

How to install demo licenses

As a reminder, these products are no longer supported by Sun Microsystems, (...)

Please do not try to install demo licenses with a FLEXlm license manager tool, i.e: lit, lit_tty and do not add the demo licenses to the /etc/opt/licenses/licenses_combined file

The following steps will help you install the demo license:

* Copy the demo license lines into a readable text file.
* Remove all meta keys such as ^M, line break and \ from this text file if any. Each license line should be represented in one physical line and should not be split up. The license lines should begin with INCREMENT and end with "DEMO" token. Please do not add SERVER or DAEMON lines into this text file.
* Name the text file "sunpro.lic,<id>" with <id> being a unique identifier for the file within the directory. For example: sunpro.lic,node or sunpro.lic,demo or sunpro.lic,demo1.
* Put the file in directory /<basedir>/SUNWspro/license_dir with <basedir> being the base directory of the appropriate Workshop or Forte Developer product. i.e:

With the release of Sun Developer software, Sun ONE Studio 4 to the current release of Sun Studio 11, the software does not use FLEXlm licensing technology. Please refer to Sun's main Software website for Sun Developer software information.

Have fun - or not!

PS: will see if someone feels "pissed of" because of posting this - Sticklers!
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