O2 crm marketing litany

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O2 crm marketing litany

Unread postby TeeTylerToe » Mon Aug 29, 2005 3:48 am

8-12 bit CI 8-32 bit RGBA pixels
64k x 64k addy space for X & 4000 x 4000 space for OGL
raserization of X & OGL points, lines, triangles, & rectangles as basic rendering primitives with 6-bit subpixel precision for ogl raster
window relative addy & window clipping support through screenmasks & clip IDs
OCL scissor test
line & rectangle stippling & patterning
gourand (smooth?) shading of line & triangle primitives
texture mapping 1,2D mip-mapped filtered 1kx1k to 1x1 texel texture maps 16 & 32bit texel formats clamped & repeating textures nearest & linear mipmapped & non mipmapped filters dynamic texture map level of detail computation ogl texture application function
fog interpolation & application
line antialiasing coverage generation & general coverage application
ogl alpha test functions
ogl alpha blending Fn & ops
dithering for 6, 16 bit RGB
logic ops?
color buffer plane masking
24-bit depth buffer interpol & dpth testing
8-bit stencin buffer testing
pixel DMA with format conversion & integral zooms through the rendering pipeline

apparently the only part of all that that's done in hardware is rasterization, so I guess they could do pretty much anything they want in software.
don't understand it, hope it's interesting.

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