recording from an O2 directly do dds tape

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recording from an O2 directly do dds tape

Unread postby TeeTylerToe » Sat Apr 12, 2008 8:05 am

I have an hd tuner hooked up to my O2, and I want to record an hour program, and I was thinking that since my O2 has a 9GB drive, and the compression options could be better, that I'd just record uncompressed to tape. would this work in mediarecorder, or mplayer?

*edit*looks like it won't work, lurker's guide pegs NTSC at 18MB/s with just 2 bytes per pixel, and according to wikipedia, the max rate for dds4 is 3.2MB... shoot, a hour ntxc 2 bpp is going to be 65GB

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