First Program Compiled and Running

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First Program Compiled and Running

Unread postby chicago-joe » Sun Jul 20, 2003 3:59 pm

Hi All,

After 2 weeks of screwing around with getting the Irix dev backend, gcc and all the other various files loaded on my system and working, today I managed to get joe 2.8 text editor (from the source files from SGI freeware) compiled, installed and running as it should. :D
This is the first "real" program (other than examples from A Guide to C) I have gotten to compile, install and work. A little tame for this group I know, but I am pretty happy. Thanks to all who posted help about getting gcc3.2.2 to work, it's much appreciated. It's going to be a Sierra-Navada Pale Ale night tonight :wink:

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