a fast browser and Mosaic! progress and help seeked

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a fast browser and Mosaic! progress and help seeked

Unread postby gandalf » Mon Nov 15, 2004 2:22 am

Hey all!

I did some clean-up work on mMosaic and understood some build details that made it non-working. It is almost a usable browser, its HTML capabilities are about those dillos and of netscape 4.x. It has no css, but understans tables and one level of frames.
At the moment I am cleaning it up, removing unneeded files (news support was suported anyway in mMosaic since XMosaic) and removing the multicast code

What I say is that Motif and Mosaic are amazingly fast. Although the engine is dated and so can take quite some time if many images need to be loaded... stuff like scrolling or menus or pop-up buttons are fast. It works fine on my Indy and when I tried it on my PPC box it literally flies.
The interface is IMHO quite nice...

Unfortunately big parts of the code are licensed from NCSA obviously so they are not OSI compliant although source is available for everyone. This prevents me for now putting it on SoruceForge and it makes development difficult.

I encourage EVERYONE to help me! I think it is worth.

I think tht the following steps should be done:

first steps:
- further cleanup of the code
- reintroduction of a configure system
- analyze data structures (I understand that many were modified for multicast support, we should rationalize this since we don't need those anymore)
- document the code during the process

further steps:
- check the parser code and understand why som many things are commented out, fix bugs where necessary
- document the parser during the process
- clean up and rationalize some hard coded stuff (like homepage configuration and similar)

steps for the evolution:
- fix bugs in the rendering of tables and other glitches
- fix bugs in the rendering of background colors and gif images
- make the parser more robust against "new" code (like javascript, html 4, xml) that it doesn't understand but that should be correctly ignored

even further steps
- work on html4 support, xml support
- work on CSS1 and CSS2

now it would be nice to have a homepage for the project and possibly a CVS repository....

Spread the word! And if someone wants a current binary to play with contact me in IRC.

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Unread postby Hakimoto » Mon Nov 15, 2004 5:39 am

heya Gandalf, our Motif Man! Got any screenies?
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Unread postby gandalf » Mon Nov 15, 2004 11:18 am

no, but I could make some, especially the indigomagic themed version. I don't know how to put them online here though, I have no gallery and no 24/7 server.

And really, I need some help and developers. Opensource really disappoints me.

I have 2 projects on sourceforge, I got hundreds of d/l, but really little help or even comments.

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Unread postby zizban » Mon Nov 15, 2004 3:49 pm

I have been an enthusiastic cheerleader for Nebula :cry:

I can't code, but I can always bug test. Breaking stuff fun :D

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Unread postby gandalf » Tue Nov 16, 2004 3:28 am

The problem is that while with nebula I have a chance to know where to look for the bug and fix it, I can't say that for Mosaic! Which has bugs indeed...

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