OpenGL.Org: Linux , MacOS X, Windows and... IRIX???

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OpenGL.Org: Linux , MacOS X, Windows and... IRIX???

Unread postby GeneratriX » Tue Apr 27, 2004 11:57 pm

Yes, I know; things are on this state from a year or most, but anyway:

Why IRIX was removed from the Platforms List from OpenGL.Org???

...Putting a charge of 50K U$D for a beatiful Tezro, is not enough to mantain a separated section for IRIX developers ???

...Why SGI permits such things ???

I have my own copy from the IRIX section of OpenGL.Org from a couple of years ago, that I've managed to get backuped with Teleport Pro, with my old (selled yet) SGI 320.

I know: exists the Developers/Toolkit/TechPubs sections on SGI even. But it is not the same thing.... :?

Anyone was succesful, getting a backup from the dev/tech sections on SGI ??? I can't do the thing with WebDownloader for X... :?

(Nekonoko: feel free to move this post to the section of the forum adequated... I hope that my post is on the context of the current U.S.A. laws, if not; just proceed following your criterial!)

Thanks in advance!

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