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Beta neko_quake-dp20140513.tardist issues with beta libpng

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:43 pm
by necron2600
Just letting anyone know (maybe even the maintainer Canavan? ) that neko_quake-dp20140513.tardist @ ... 13.tardist does not play well with libpng from same beta location: ... 57.tardist

When starting darkplaces, within several seconds it core dumps, complaining about being out of memory. Running 'ldd' on darkplaces-glx did not show libpng being referenced, however an strace showed it was loading libpng.

If I restore /usr/nekoware/lib/libpng* to what I had before (I believe I had nekoware current package, but I could be wrong) then darkplaces runs well. Darkplaces defintely did not run with this specific beta libpng package.

Hopefully this is helpful?