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Nekoware's e-uae recompiled with SDL support

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:50 pm
by necron2600
Nekoware's existing neko_e_uae (e-uae 0.8.28) was not compiled with SDL support..

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[octane]:~ $ uae
E-UAE 0.8.28
Build date: Nov 28 2005 14:35:02
X11GFX: Initialized.
X11GFX: Raw key-mapping disabled.

Recompiled with SDL support:

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E-UAE 0.8.28
Build date: Aug 18 2017 00:46:02
SDLGFX: Initialized.
SDLGFX: Using SDL version 1.2.14.
SDLGFX: Display is 32 bits deep.
SDLGFX: Found screenmode: 1920x1080.

A brief comparison test shows no real dramatic improvement though. Oh well.

Attached is a binary. Just copy the untarred uae-sdl binary to /usr/nekoware/bin/ or anywhere else it doesnt matter.
Note, ensure nekoware's original e_uae package is installed so any dependencies are installed too. Then also ensure the several SDL packages are installed.

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Re: Nekoware's e-uae recompiled with SDL support

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:29 pm
by vishnu
Looks like the latest (though by no means recent, it's 10 years old) version is 0.8.29. Claims many bug fixes, better performance, blah blah blah all the usual verbiage developers spew out when they release a new version: