testing Nekoware zlib build as dual mips3/mips4 tardist package

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testing Nekoware zlib build as dual mips3/mips4 tardist package

Unread postby dexter1 » Sat Jul 16, 2016 1:42 am

I'm currently testing a package build of zlib-1.2.8 with support for both mips3 and mips4 binaries.

My weekly goal is to start updating zlib/openssl/openssh in Nekoware and build them with mips3 and mips4 respectively, selecting the correct binary with mach(CPUARCH=R4000) for R4K Indigo, R4K Indy, R4K indigo2, and R4K Challenge/Onyx and mach(CPUARCH=R5000 CPUARCH=R8000 CPUARCH=R10000) for all other machines that run IRIX 6.5.22m and beyond. I got this idea from the .idb 's in 6.5.22m since that is what SGI was doing.

This way we don't need two different tardists and eventually it saves space since some files are identical between mips3 and mips4 builds: header files, man pages, source tarballs etc...

It requires a bit of .idb hacking and basically a double build. My Challenge S can build mips4 but can't run it since it's an R4400, so i will have to test the mips4 on my O2 with 6.5.22m. I can redo the test on an 6.5.30m R12K O2 if necessary. The reason i'm building it on a R4K Challenge S because it is so tiny and runs virtually silent now and i need both R4K and R5K to test the stuff, so might as well put it to use.
I'll fix a new disk for the R5K O2 later, so i can use that one as well for bigger builds.

My goal of redoing Nekoware this way comes from cleaning up and modernizing basic tools we need to build other packages and make use of new and older systems. I'll skip really fancy packages and games for now.

I'll have something out soon.
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