Bug in Nekoware gcc-4.7 stdc++

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Bug in Nekoware gcc-4.7 stdc++

Unread postby rosehillbob » Mon Sep 28, 2015 1:17 pm

I suspect someone of you may have already notice this but a bug exists in the stdc++ library distributed with Nekoware gcc-4.7. This simple test will display the error :

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#include <cmath>
void test(void) {

Compiling the above listed file will fail to compile with error messages from the stdc++ library. The workaround is either go back to Nekoware gcc-4.3 located in the obsolete section,not use stdc++ or build your own gcc-4.7.x compiler.
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Re: Bug in Nekoware gcc-4.7 stdc++

Unread postby sgt_barnes » Tue Oct 06, 2015 1:20 am

Hi rosehillbob,

I had similiar problems when compiling my crap with -std=c++11, with various stuff being undefined in cmath and elsewhere.

That might have to do with the header files coming from the Development Foundation not being C99 (while the C std lib is C99), and C++11 requiring C99...

Some research made me believe that the C99 header files come with MIPSpro 7.4, so you could install that, if you have access to a copy.

I don't have that option, so I simply added some C99 shim code to the system headers, and now my code compiles just fine (though currently not working, but that is another story).
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