mbedTLS (formerly polarSSL)

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mbedTLS (formerly polarSSL)

Unread postby armanox » Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:05 pm

Current version builds and tests mostly good for me. I had to specify gmake and CC=gcc, and to use AR that shipped with GCC (/usr/nekoware/gcc-4.7/bin/ar) instead of the system installed AR (/usr/bin/ar).

Code changes:
In library/net.c, line 80 I added:

Code: Select all

#elif defined(__sgi)
#include <standards.h>
#include <sys/endian.h>
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Re: mbedTLS (formerly polarSSL)

Unread postby Raion-Fox » Fri May 29, 2015 5:25 pm

Will this replace OpenSSL or does it have an API difference?
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Re: mbedTLS (formerly polarSSL)

Unread postby miod » Sat May 30, 2015 3:49 am

TeamBlackFox wrote:Will this replace OpenSSL or does it have an API difference?

PolarSSL has a completely different API.
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