Aqsis Irix build

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Aqsis Irix build

Unread postby lohmos » Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:03 pm

Whats about Aqsis ?

I saw a (new :-) )Pixie binary in nekoware in 2012 but whats about Aqsis ?
Its 2.2.6.
I ve made better Pics by using 2.2.5 having some problems in 2.2.6 with environment mapping and so.

Whats about Aqsis ?
Has anybody tried to build ? Are there any binaries for Irix 6.5 ?

I trying Aqsis 1.4.2 (ccmake) at the moment but still having linker errors...
Enerving case: it searches boost-1.34, but in ccmake ncurses tool I could change.

In Aqsis 1.20 there was still scons building (no cmake) but I dont know how to get the libraries from nekoware found.

I know there are some 0.7 er binaries out for Irix.


Thx for response

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