Request: compiling Milky Tracker for IRIX

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Re: Request: compiling Milky Tracker for IRIX

Unread postby hamei » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:33 pm

mis wrote:but i cannot start it no matter what i do

Start it from a command line, then cut and paste here the messages you get.
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Re: Request: compiling Milky Tracker for IRIX

Unread postby mis » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:12 pm

If i cd to the folder and just type
Milkytracker it says
Milkytracker:command not found

If i do ./milkytracker i get
Trace/BPT Trap (core dumped)

And i have installed the zziplib
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Re: Request: compiling Milky Tracker for IRIX

Unread postby necron2600 » Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:32 pm

Thanks for pointing to this package.. I didnt know it existed. Some packages can be hidden away in an old forum thread ;)

/usr/nekoware/bin/milkytracker launches for me, with latest nekoware packages... just about all of them installed.

Running 'ldd' command on the milkytracker binary:
ldd ./milkytracker

shows it uses the following libs... make sure yours is not using something from /usr/freeware/ or shows a library missing: (note, my output is from an O2 system running 6.5.29)

[o2]:/usr/nekoware/bin $ ldd milkytracker => /usr/nekoware/lib/ => /usr/lib32/ => /usr/nekoware/lib/ => /usr/lib32/ => /usr/lib32/ => /usr/lib32/ => /usr/lib32/ => /usr/lib32/ => /usr/nekoware/lib/ => /usr/lib32/ => /usr/lib32/ => /usr/lib32/

You should get the following two lines in the console output after running milkytracker::
SDL: Using audio driver: esd
SDL: Buffer size = 2048 samples (requested 2048)

Hope this helps?


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