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Octane R10k 195MHz 128MB SI

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:37 pm
by HurricaneJames
I finally got my the big green money pit running, kinda. I forgot my 13w3 -> VGA adapter, so I cannot test VGA, but I managed to get it up on the terminal.

Code: Select all

Diagnostics failed.
[Press any key to continue.]

System Maintenance Menu

1) Start System
2) Install System Software
3) Run Diagnostics
4) Recover System
5) Enter Command Monitor

Option? 3

                         Starting diagnostic program...

                       Press <Esc> to return to the menu.

SGI Version 6.5 IP30 IDE field  Apr 13, 1999

                   System: IP30
                Processor: 195 Mhz R10000, with FPU
     Primary I-cache size: 32 Kbytes
     Primary D-cache size: 32 Kbytes
     Secondary cache size: 1024 Kbytes
              Memory size: 128 Mbytes
                  Network: ef0 ethernet (100/10 base-T)
                SCSI Disk: scsi(0)disk(1)
                    Audio: RAD Audio Processor
                 Graphics: SI
Field included scripts (help_ide to get this again):
  ALL:    regular_tests
  FRUs:   ip30   frontplane   memory
          pm (processor module)
          gfx   tmezz
  subsystems: serial (loopback)   ethernet (loopback)
  useful scripts:        help_ide   help_mem
    This test takes approximately 12 minutes on a good
    dual processor machine with 128MB memory and MXI graphics.
Testing Graphics in XIO slot 12

Tests are running now, I'll post more if/when it finishes! Super excited I managed to bring this thing back to life despite bent pins, bad power supply, etc...

Re: Octane R10k 195MHz 128MB SI

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:27 am
by HurricaneJames
Tests passed with nothing more than a missing keyboard error. I dropped to the command monitor to try hinv, but for some reason my serial to usb adapter stopped working. I suspect it was because Mac OSX 10.12 does not support it well. I will need to try again later with the VGA cable (Octane -> michaelpastras SGI2VGA adapter -> VGA cable -> VGA2HDMI -> HDMI cable -> Dell 30" monitor... yeah, nothing can go wrong here).