Fuel | 800mhz | 1GB | V12

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Topic: Kind of machine (O2, Octane, Tezro, Onyx2, etc.), CPU (R10k 250MHz, R12k 300MHz, R16k 1GHz, etc.), RAM, graphics option (Example: Tezro V12 4xR16K 700MHz 4GB)

Body: output of hinv -v (hinv -vm if possible) and /usr/gfx/gfxinfo.

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Fuel | 800mhz | 1GB | V12

Unread postby DaJuice » Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:07 pm

It had some stickers over the case to prevent tampering. The seller said it was used by the government but I have no info beyond that. It has a clean install of 6.5.30. I still need to set up a user and get some software on this guy. :)



Code: Select all

Location: /hw/module/001c01/node
            IP34 Board: barcode NRZ574     part 030-1707-005 rev -B
Location: /hw/module/001c01/node/cpubus/0
        IP34PIMM Board: barcode NPJ964     part 030-2024-001 rev -B
Location: /hw/module/001c01/Ibrick/xtalk/13
          ASTODY Board: barcode MZK255     part 030-1726-005 rev -A
Location: /hw/module/001c01/Ibrick/xtalk/14
            IP34 Board: barcode NRZ574     part 030-1707-005 rev -B
Location: /hw/module/001c01/Ibrick/xtalk/15
            IP34 Board: barcode NRZ574     part 030-1707-005 rev -B
1 800 MHZ IP35 Processor
CPU: MIPS R16000 Processor Chip Revision: 3.0
FPU: MIPS R16010 Floating Point Chip Revision: 3.0
CPU 0 at Module 001c01/Slot 0/Slice A: 800 Mhz MIPS R16000 Processor Chip (enabled)
  Processor revision: 3.0. Scache: Size 4 MB Speed 400 Mhz  Tap 0xb
Main memory size: 1024 Mbytes
Instruction cache size: 32 Kbytes
Data cache size: 32 Kbytes
Secondary unified instruction/data cache size: 4 Mbytes
Memory at Module 001c01/Slot 0: 1024 MB (enabled)
  Bank 0 contains 512 MB (Standard) DIMMS (enabled)
  Bank 1 contains 512 MB (Standard) DIMMS (enabled)
Integral SCSI controller 0: Version QL12160, low voltage differential
  Disk drive: unit 1 on SCSI controller 0 (unit 1)
Integral SCSI controller 1: Version QL12160, single ended
  CDROM: unit 6 on SCSI controller 1
IOC3/IOC4 serial port: tty1
IOC3/IOC4 serial port: tty2
IOC3 parallel port: plp1
Graphics board: V12
Integral Fast Ethernet: ef0, version 1, module 001c01, pci 4
  PCI Adapter ID (vendor 0x1077, device 0x1216) PCI slot 1
  PCI Adapter ID (vendor 0x10a9, device 0x0003) PCI slot 4
  PCI Adapter ID (vendor 0x1045, device 0xc861) PCI slot 5
HUB in Module 001c01/Slot 0: Revision 2 Speed 200.00 Mhz (enabled)
IP35prom in Module 001c01/Slot n0: Revision 6.210
USB controller: type OHCI


Code: Select all

Graphics board 0 is "ODYSSEY" graphics.
        Managed (":0.0") 1280x1024
        BUZZ version B.2
        PB&J version 1
        128MB memory
                Banks: 4, CAS latency: 3
         Monitor 0 type: DEL 16404
        Input Sync: Voltage - Video Level; Source - Internal; Genlocked - False
        Channel 0:
         Origin = (0,0)
         Video Output: 1280 pixels, 1024 lines, 60.00Hz (1280x1024_60)
         Video Format Flags:  (none)
         Sync Disabled
         Using Gamma Map 0
         Monitor Type:  DEL-16404
         Gain (all color components) - 0.000000 ; range [1,10]

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Re: Fuel | 800mhz | 1GB | V12

Unread postby ClassicHasClass » Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:41 pm

Sexy Fuel is sexy.
smit happens.

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Re: Fuel | 800mhz | 1GB | V12

Unread postby Trippynet » Tue Nov 10, 2015 12:50 am

That is a very nice Fuel indeed! Good skins and excellent spec too.
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Re: Fuel | 800mhz | 1GB | V12

Unread postby s0ke » Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:35 am

Wow looks brand new. Very nice.
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