O2 RM5200 300MHz, 512MB RAM, 73GB HDD

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O2 RM5200 300MHz, 512MB RAM, 73GB HDD

Unread postby telackey » Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:50 am

This O2 started as a pretty standard R5000 180MHz. That doesn't tell the whole story though, as it still has a raft of its original details--Granite keyboard, mouse, camera, and speakers, mic, cardboard boxes, printed manuals, etc. Something of a treasure trove of memorabilia. It was also my first SGI, so holds a special place.

I recently swapped out the drive for a quieter IBM with a fresh install of 6.5.22m. I also upgraded the PSU fan to a quiet Noctua. (I saved the originals in both cases.)

Because it is nearly silent and has tiny power consumption, this has become my daily-use SGI.

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earlgrey:~$ hinv -vm
CPU: MIPS R5000 Processor Chip Revision: 10.0
FPU: MIPS R5000 Floating Point Coprocessor Revision: 10.0
1 300 MHZ IP32 Processor
Main memory size: 512 Mbytes
Secondary unified instruction/data cache size: 1 Mbyte on Processor 0
Instruction cache size: 32 Kbytes
Data cache size: 32 Kbytes
FLASH PROM version 4.18
Integral SCSI controller 0: Version ADAPTEC 7880
  Disk drive: unit 1 on SCSI controller 0 (unit 1)
  CDROM: unit 4 on SCSI controller 0
Integral SCSI controller 1: Version ADAPTEC 7880
On-board serial ports: tty1
On-board serial ports: tty2
On-board EPP/ECP parallel port
CRM graphics installed
Integral Ethernet: ec0, version 1
Iris Audio Processor: version A3 revision 0
  PCI Adapter ID (vendor 0x9004, device 0x8078) PCI slot 1
  PCI Adapter ID (vendor 0x9004, device 0x8078) PCI slot 2
Video: MVP unit 0 version 1.4
AV: AV1 Card version 1, Camera not connected.
Vice: TRE
1600SW Flat Panel adapter board and display.

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earlgrey:~$ /usr/gfx/gfxinfo
Graphics board 0 is "CRM" graphics.
        Managed (":0.0") 1600x1024
        32 bitplanes
        board revision 2, CRM revision C, GBE revision B
        Timing table flags:
         Monitor 0 type: Unknown
        Channel 0:
         Origin = (0,0)
         Video Output: 1600 pixels, 1024 lines, 60.00Hz (1600x1024_60p)
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Re: O2 RM5200 300MHz, 512MB RAM, 73GB HDD

Unread postby dclough » Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:53 pm

Very nice! What magnitude of performance gains or response times have you noticed between the 180Mhz R5K and the 300Mhz RM5200?

Also, have you noticed any heat issues arising from combining the 300Mhz CPU with the Noctua fan upgrade?

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Re: O2 RM5200 300MHz, 512MB RAM, 73GB HDD

Unread postby Titox » Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:09 pm

Yes, nice machine. Similar to my one. I wish to have a 1600 SW adapter for it.
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