Octane MXI 2x195 R10k

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Topic: Kind of machine (O2, Octane, Tezro, Onyx2, etc.), CPU (R10k 250MHz, R12k 300MHz, R16k 1GHz, etc.), RAM, graphics option (Example: Tezro V12 4xR16K 700MHz 4GB)

Body: output of hinv -v (hinv -vm if possible) and /usr/gfx/gfxinfo.

Please wrap the output in BBCode "code" blocks to improve legibility.
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Re: Octane MXI 2x195 R10k

Unread postby smj » Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:16 pm

jan-jaap wrote:I'll be the CS-H/W-ENGINEER. In case you're wondering, that's an Onsite Hardware Engineer. For a measly fee of $225K/yr I'll swap bits and pieces in and out of your systems. Have extensive experience with just about every MIPS/IRIX system. Customer will have to provide access during evening hours as I have a regular job already :mrgreen:

Did I mention I'm available full-time, business hours, for $10k less? PM/email for CV. References available upon request. ;)
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Re: Octane MXI 2x195 R10k

Unread postby japes » Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:42 pm

And that's the thing. Modern blue LEDs (the precursor to white) were invented ~1995. The Octane was designed in 1995ish. It was released in 1996. So if white LEDs were available they were brand new. Blue LEDs were $2 a piece and whites were more when they hit the market. The BOM on that light bar is around $1.00-$1.50, add $1-$2 for assembly - plus tooling and design. Adding another $2 for a blue led would have been a big hit to that part.

SGI probably put it in the catalog for $35-$50, but you wouldn't run the machine without a service contract so a guy with brown shoes and black trousers would just show up and replace the $3 part when you called.

Should they have made a new version for the Octane2 with white LEDs? or just a revised part? Maybe, but why bother.

The designer wanted a white light and SGI wasn't compromising design and I can understand that.

Now the question is, where does one find the extra long right-angle header? And is there a market for custom PCBs that have resistors and holes spaced for LEDs?

edit: I remember the first $5.00 white LED I bought was dim and had a terrible yellow cast. The next one I got was almost blue it was so cool. Nice what 15-20 years does to a product.
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