Jumbo Network Drivers Security Fixes patch is out from SGI.

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Jumbo Network Drivers Security Fixes patch is out from SGI.

Unread postby shumiyao » Fri Apr 30, 2004 5:45 am

Patch 5513 : 6.5.20/21 Jumbo Network Drivers Security Fixes [6.5.21f 6.5.21m 6.5.20f 6.5.20m]

http://support.sgi.com/content_request/ ... index.html

is out.

This fix is for IP27, IP30 and IP35.

Some notes (from the site):

1. 6.5.20 and 6.5.21 do not support this drivers ability to
set the interrupt cpu dynamically. Patch 5513 *disables*
this functionality. The existing functionality can lead to
panics. Please move to 6.5.22 if this functionality is a

2. This patch adds support for dual port Gigabit cards based
on the Broadcom 5704 ASIC. These are PCIX-GIGENET-OR-2P and
PCIX-GIGENET-C-2P. These are not mentioned in the tg man
page, but the cards can be seen using tgcmd.

3. All three replaced drivers have added flushbus calls to
avoid strange behavior due to mis-ordered PIOs.

4. All three drivers prevent a common denial of service
attack where short packets are thrown at the interface
forcing the stack to use large amounts of cpu time to handle
them all. In these situations, the driver will drop packets
if the input queue is full.

I had an error about immu.h in reconfiguring the kernel, this was due to a modification I made in the file. please seehere for more info.

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