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SGI openssh patch

Unread postby dexter1 » Wed Nov 26, 2003 7:51 am

Boy are these SGI patchers late with their openssh fix! It's dated 25 nov:

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Patch 5363 : OpenSSH and OpenSSL security patch [6.5.21f 6.5.21m]


This patch has no known incompatibilities
This patch fixes the following bugs:
899663 - ssh-keysign causes SEGV due to null pointer in strdup()
900564 - ASN.1 vulnerabilities in OpenSSL
900744 - OpenSSH buffer.c vulnerability
901710 - OpenSSH/SSL security patch request

Release Notes

- 1 -
       1.  Patch_SG0005363_Release_Note
       This release note describes patch SG0005363 to 6.5.21.
       1.1  Supported_Hardware_Platforms
       This patch contains bug fixes for all platforms.
       1.2  Supported_Software_Platforms
       This patch contains bug fixes for openssl (1279088820) and
       openssh (1279105620) on a system running 6.5.21.  The
       software cannot be installed on other configurations.
       1.3  Bugs_Fixed_by_Patch_SG0005363
       This patch contains fixes for the following bugs in IRIX
       6.5.21.  Bug numbers from Silicon Graphics bug tracking
       system are included for reference.
       Patch 5363:
            Bug #899663 - ssh-keysign causes SEGV due to null
            pointer in strdup()
            Bug #900564 - ASN.1 vulnerabilities in OpenSSL
            Bug #900744 - OpenSSH buffer.c vulnerability
       1.4  Subsystems_Included_in_Patch_SG0005363
       This patch release includes these subsystems:
          +o patchSG0005363.openssl_sw.lib32
          +o patchSG0005363.openssh_sw.client
          +o patchSG0005363.openssh_sw.server
          +o patchSG0005363.openssh_sw.common

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