CinePaint Seeks New Mascot

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CinePaint Seeks New Mascot

Unread postby nekonoko » Thu Apr 10, 2003 11:01 am

Kind of old news, but I don't believe one has been chosen yet:

CinePaint - "Paint Me A New Mascot"

CinePaint seeks new mascot!

Call for 3D artists to help create mascot for popular open source program

CinePaint, a free open source image retouching program used by several motion picture studios, recently changed its name from Film Gimp. It's time for a new look to go with the new name! CinePaint is seeking a new 3D mascot and logo. Linux has the ubiquitous penguin mascot Tux by Larry Ewing , and CinePaint needs its own new and original mascot. Maybe some sort of robot or alien creature?

Looking for a fresh new look, unrelated to Tux or any prior art. Any artist may participate. To give artists free rein, the CinePaint project wants to avoid directing the ideas. It may be an artist has a piece of portfolio art already that could be easily adapted, that there is no need to build something from scratch.

Artwork is to be released with this license: "Permission to use and/or modify this image is granted provided you acknowledge the artist [name] and CinePaint if someone asks". This is similar wording to Larry Ewing's Tux artwork license .

Judging from some early entries, a challenge for artists is achieving elegant simplicity. Artists are advised to avoid designs too cluttered to be suitable for a simple program icon. The art needs to work as an icon (32x32 @ 16 colors), a banner (160x40 @ 256 colors), a splash screen (420x240 @ True Color), and as larger art. These could all be cropped/resized images from just one larger piece of art. Any tool may be used to create the art -- SoftImage, Houdini, Maya, and other 3D tools -- or even claymation with film!

Any tasteful mascot concept is fair game. Robots or alien creatures are just suggestions. But no penguin, fox or dog-like images -- because those would lack originality when compared to Linux Tux or to the Wilber GIMP mascot we had before. Be innovative. Create something wild!

CinePaint is free software. The generosity and commitment of its developers, users and sponsors make CinePaint possible.
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