Traces, precursor of Blender liberated

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Traces, precursor of Blender liberated

Unread postby kikems » Sat May 12, 2018 1:53 pm

Some months before liberate and share source code and binary of Traces for SGI, the internal version developed by Ton Rossendal before first comercial release of Blender. Traces never released before was only an internal tool.
Traces was original developed in Amiga computer from 1987 to 1989 ( never released ), in 1990 Ton port Traces to SGI and later update the app and release as Blender 1.0 for SGI first.

Here the link from
Additionally you can download Blender 1.0 .

I'm trying to test this 2 part of SGI history software but not run on my Octane Irix 6.5, i suppose that this binary works on old SGI like 4D and Indigo or Indy.If anyone want to download and test, please share some photos or videos of the app here.

Here a youtube video of Ton Rossendal looking their Traces app when he rescue from a backup for share. Thanks Ton for share your tool with the 3D and SGI fans.

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