Alias StudioTools export to STL - nothing happens

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Alias StudioTools export to STL - nothing happens

Unread postby necron2600 » Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:43 am

I read the thread on "3D Printing CAD workflow from an SGI" :

Before I set out on learning how to use StudioTools and invest in this workflow, I first set out to see if I can export to STL from Alias StudioTools. I am not doing anything special in StudioTools, just create a Cube or Sphere and then try to Export it to STL. Nothing happens, no prompts, nothing on command line output, etc.
I can export to SDL format.. there are not many formats to export to anyway. But STL just does nothing when its selected in the exported formats list.

Anyone have any idea? Do I need a model that is more setup than a basic object placed on it? Am I missing something else?


Ok, I do see some text in the top pink bar.. I have to select a shell. And reading through some Alias document indicates the same. I just wanted to know if this may have been an issue with my installation,etc. I know its 100% user error, but still trying to figure it out ;) Im a UNIX admin by trade, so CAD/design 101 for me. ;)

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Re: Alias StudioTools export to STL - nothing happens

Unread postby foetz » Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:12 pm

a first step would be telling us which version you're using and which product exactly

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