Maya 6.5 IRIX performance?

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Re: Maya 6.5 IRIX performance?

Unread postby sgtprobe » Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:00 pm

foetz wrote:
sgtprobe wrote:I haven't bothered to try Maya 6.5 on my Old Indigo 2 with extreme graphics yet, but it does handle Softimage very nicely.

assuming you're talking about the classic softimage that does run fine with extreme gfx. maya on the other hand is very fat and sluggish in comparison as mentioned already; the gui in particular.
i wouldn't recommend maya on anything other except octanes and above. well maybe r12k o2, too.

Yeah, SI 3.9 I think it is, so it runs very well on that old machine. Anyway, there is a reason why I haven't bothered to install Maya on it, just as you say. But now I might install it just to see how bad it actually is. :P Have you or anyone else tried this before?
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Re: Maya 6.5 IRIX performance?

Unread postby Vladio » Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:54 pm

I'm new to SGI, just bought an Octane 2 dual 300mhz. I like it and find it interesting to play around with. I just recently got Maya 6.5 installed. My regular 3d machine is a dual/quad Mac Pro which I laid out for heavy graphics use. It's a fast machine, no doubt, but the sgi isn't difficult to work on at all. It's hard to compare 2 300mhz processors to 8 xeon cores running at 3.2ghz but the sgi holds its own. I like to see how a modern MIPS processor with technology that was kept up with would compare to Intel's fast processors. I guess we'll never see that. I started "rendering" as my wife calls it in '92 on a 485DX2-50 so I vividly remember setting up a scene and letting it render overnight. I did a lot of cgi static images back then, thankfully. I couldn't image rendering out a long animation on that 486.

Have you ever seen this:

There's a bunch of speed tests done using Maya on a bunch of sgi's and some new machines as well.

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Re: Maya 6.5 IRIX performance?

Unread postby Ryan Fox » Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:48 pm

You can add the Onyx R12K 400 and R14K 500's IR2,IR3 etc to the list as well. Maya 5-6.5 performs very well on these machines. I still actively use mine for modeling low polygon characters and or objects before taking them over to a PC running ZBrush etc
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Re: Maya 6.5 IRIX performance?

Unread postby foetz » Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:47 am

sgtprobe wrote:Have you or anyone else tried this before?

no and i'm not keen on it either :P
on an indigo2 you have to run the previous generation stuff. except for the viewports a poweranimator for example will probably beat maya on an octane in terms of workflow and your si 3.9 will for sure. in return these things will fly on an octane of course

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Re: Maya 6.5 IRIX performance?

Unread postby nongrato » Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:56 am

6.5 runs just fine on dual 360 Octane with EMXI. Fine until you need to do physical simulations.
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