Wacom tablet config file for whiter

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Wacom tablet config file for whiter

Unread postby dexter1 » Mon May 19, 2003 6:18 am

Hello all,

I'll hereby give you my wacom file from /usr/lib/X11/input/config

With this config file i can remove my mouse from my desk and use the wacom tablet, an Intuos artpad II, as system mouse on my O2.

You need eoe.sw.optinput on the IRIX overlay's installed to use it and note that this doesn't enable your intuos 2 tablets, you'll need a separate driver for that...
Also the serial device manager needs to know you're using a wacom on a serial port.

Code: Select all

device_init {
         left        "10160"
         right       "10160"
         top         "10160"
         bottom      "10160"

x_init {
         scale                  "fit"
         scalewhich             "none"
         scalex                 "1024/30480"
         scaley                 "1024/30480"
         scale0                 "1024/30480"
         scale1                 "1024/30480"
         pushpointer            "on"
         autostart              "on"
         relative               "on"
         dblclickstylus         "1,25"
         dblclickpuck           "1,25"
         tipbutton              "3"
         sidebutton             "1"
         t+sbutton              "0"
         ssbutton               "2"
         eraserbutton           "2"
         pressuremode           "on"
         tippressure            "30"
         eraserpressure         "30"
         pressurecurve          "0,62,126,190,254"
         puckbtn1               "2"
         puckbtn2               "1"
         puckbtn3               "4"
         puckbtn4               "3"
         wacpushx               "0"
         wacpushy               "1"
         wacpushp               "2"
         wacpushxt              "5"
         wacpushyt              "6"
         wacpushz               "7"
         invert                 "!xy0123456789"

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Unread postby whiter » Mon May 19, 2003 7:55 am

After fiddling a bit I installed the commercial driver from the wacom website.
It works great!

Finaly the tablet is working.

I did not receive any popups/messages about licensing. So I think that my interpretation of "Using this driver with an Intuos2 or Cintiq tablet requires the presence of a Wacom software key on the system." is correct, as in that I don't need a license for my Intuos. Pretty dam nice!
Shall I describe it to you? Or do you want me to get you a box?

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