Best workstation to start with?

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Re: Best workstation to start with?

Unread postby JohnK » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:06 pm

jpstewart wrote:While none of my systems were free, they were all very cheap. The key is patience and persistence. If you feel you absolutely need and SGI now, then you'll have to pay premium prices to buy from somebody who has what you need in stock.

On the other hand, if you can wait and watch ebay (and similar sites) for deals, you'll eventually get what you want at a price you like. For example, my Octane and Origin 300 each cost less than $100 CAD (under €70) including shipping. Both were bought on ebay. They were bought a few years ago so prices and availability may have changed since then, but the principle is the same: watch and wait for the right deal for you. It's not enough to check every now and then. You have to check frequently and regularly. But it works. If I can find deals like that, anyone can.

I totally agree. A year or two back, I bought my Impact R10000 Indigo2 on Ebay. I felt that I was taking a chance as it was really dirty and you could tell the seller was just trying to off-load it as scrap. What brought my attention to it was a rear picture of the graphics port which showed it had a High Impact card.

For some reason, no one else bid and I ended up with it for about $45.00 plus some shipping. Turned out it had the 4 MB TRAM option too. The main drive was toast but the option drive still worked. I just turned it on after it had been unplugged from the mains for about 2 months and it booted up and still shows the correct date and time. It's probably going to be the one SGI that I won't ever part with.

Not trying to brag or nothing but jpstewart makes a good point. Deals can be found but you do have to be patient and willing to take a bit of a chance.
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