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Re: Tezro time

Unread postby archaic » Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:10 pm

jan-jaap wrote:
MrBill wrote:Can you give better info on what kind of card i need to interface with the Blue Sonic box?

I think it's called a Sonic Solutions USP Interface, and it's really seems to be some sort of SCSI board. Have a look at this: http://www.symetrixaudio.com/kb/ADA8824_Sonic_ug.pdf

The blue Sonic box is a version of the Lucid ADA8824, which also works with SGI IRIX and Discreet software, but can be connected straight to an ADAT port on the Octane/Onyx2/Tezro (if it has the audio board). ADA8824's still fetch a couple of hundred on eBay, the Sonic versions much less because of the required I/O card.

NB: I've been looking for that Crimson I/O board, but it wasn't in the storage location where I was hoping it would be, so now it's got to be in the other, except I've got my parents in law visiting next week...

Here is the part numbers off of one that I have: USP_PCI PCB ASSY No. 702601 with cable 720343.







I wouldn't put too much hope into finding one though. However, if I ever decide to dismantle my Fire systems I will let you know.

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