Adding user to system - incomplete desktop

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Re: Adding user to system - incomplete desktop

Unread postby ajw99uk » Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:02 pm

josehill wrote:Have you taken a look at the man pages for sysmgr, UserManager, and addUserAccount? Those are the programs that actually run when you add new users through the System Managers, and their configuration files (listed in the man pages) control what is placed in a user's default "profile."

Thank you, and for future reference, man page for addUserAccount points to various files in /var/sysadm/config containing new user parameters:

Code: Select all

          New user setup config file
          New user setup script
          Default .cshrc for new users
          Default .login for new users
          Default .profile for new users

Shame the man page for newaccount seems to be missing from techpubs and nixdoc (am online from a laptop at the mo' - can check later on the Fuel)
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