This forum is super nostalgic :D

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This forum is super nostalgic :D

Unread postby PoV » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:45 pm

In the late 90's some friends and I ran a variety of internet forums. Some of them had an anime'esc girl at the top of the website, some got popular, but as the years went on they were shut down for a variety of reasons (some were later reborn, but more as a meeting place for old friends than what they stood for in their heyday).

I can't explain it, but somehow seeing the barebones PHPbb theme here with a simple banner at the top makes me super nostalgic. :D :D

Somehow the #1 place for SGI talk I can find on the internet just so happens to mirror the sort of sites my friends and I used to frequent and run as kids. That makes me smile. That's not meant to be an insult. I have the biggest dumb smile on my face whenever I've visited to read stuff. :D

That's all really. Just me getting all amused and nostalgic over here. We all got to serious when we grew up. I miss this vibe. ;)

For a taste of what we used to do, here's a couple pictures of the aesthetic of a later forum we were working on (never launched it though).

Artwork by a friend of mine who I later worked with in the games industry. We were still in school at the time of this stuff.

I haven't yet joined the SGI family, but almost. I have a broken SGI O2 I'm looking to pick up, made a deal with the owner, just need to decide a pickup date.
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Re: This forum is super nostalgic :D

Unread postby guardian452 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:27 am

PoV wrote:somehow seeing the barebones PHPbb theme here with a simple banner at the top makes me super nostalgic. :D

It never ceases to amaze me, the number of incompetent boobs out there who can manage to fuck up a perfectly useable webserver package.

Mind, this site is run by one person on lightweight hardware and until a few years ago ran on SGI o350 (moved away from that citing energy cost).

It is a nice place to be. 8-)

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Re: This forum is super nostalgic :D

Unread postby ClassicHasClass » Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:40 pm

smit happens.

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Re: This forum is super nostalgic :D

Unread postby Raion-Fox » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:56 pm

There's a time and place for every static language, website style and dynamic language.

The fundamental issue with modern sites like Facebook is the tasteless use of hundreds of thousands of lines of JS, and too much tracking information embedded.

There is a time for static HTML and basic CSS, there is a time for stuff like Drupal or WordPress, and there's a time for sites like Facebook. But we should never lose sight of what is applicable where.

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Re: This forum is super nostalgic :D

Unread postby foetz » Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:28 pm



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