does anyone use ADA (or gNAT) on RISC?

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does anyone use ADA (or gNAT) on RISC?

Unread postby Y888099 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:16 am

The AdaCore people at the last tech show I was at

Gee, for C/C++, there are all these vendors selling compilers and enhanced debuggers, and operating systems, and wireless stacks, and libraries that will make my IoT/MachineLearning/OtherLatestBuzzword work in mere days, and hardware vendors with free C environments, and all that.


And for Ada, there is … You

Sadly the Truth, the hobbyist-friendly development environments for Ada are practically non-existent, and the places that want and can afford a real Ada environment probably wouldn't touch hardware like RISC workstations with a ten-foot pole.

Meanwhile, you can get a free or cheap C compiler for nearly any processor that's been made since the mid-1970s.

Things are better than they used to be, I think. They said that the had tools that convert ARM .SVD files and/or C .h files into the equivalent Ada structure definitions or whatever they call them. That should be a HUGE help for the embedded space.

I'm not entirely happy with the C/C++ monoculture in the embedded space, but I doubt that Ada is going to catch on as an alternative.

And How IS Ada doing, anyway? It's from 1977 to 1983 to supersede over 450 programming languages used by the DoD at that time, and my impression is that computer language development has been much more biological? than officialdom would have liked, with individual languages dying out or becoming more dominant via a sort of natural selection.

BTW. I am not a dev-guy, but I need gNAT for HPPA-linux. It's required by RTL simulators (e.g. GHDL), and it seems I have no chance to see it.
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